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Outlaw’s Armor Set

October 26, 2012

Outlaw’s Armor Set

Some pictures from the Outlaw’s Armor Set as sold in the Cartel Market (cash shop) on the PTR.

I’d say, the sets skins (especially on the head and chest pieces) are pretty good. I’ll also buy one with my starting CCs on the live server for my Sage, that one’s for sure. 😉

The level-requirement remains at level 31, even if the mods are removed (which I
– surprisingly – did for my Sage).


From → 1.5 patch, PTR, SWTOR

  1. Ryann permalink

    Do you know of any other items that have same template as the boots?

  2. Do you mean the stats or the look?

    The stats would be that:

    The boots’ look is quite unique (at least as far as I know), a plain black version of the tionese/Columni overknee boots.

    Perhaps the CorSec social-boots from Corellia have a similar look.

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